Litter is a huge problem worldwide. It is unattractive and can cause injury to people and wildlife. The build-up of litter can also encourage people to contribute to further litter in an area.  The illegal dumping of rubbish incurs a cost that is ultimately paid for by the whole community.

Many forms of littering take place such as domestic waste, green waste dumping, cigarette butts, abandoned shopping trolleys and also abandoned vehicles.  The dumping of domestic or commercial waste in a public bin is classified as littering, as is items escaping from unsecured loads.

The law doesn't distinguish between organic and artificial waste.  Therefore, throwing out organic material like apple cores in public places is the same as throwing plastic or cigarette butts.

Within the Shire of Manjimup, rangers patrol and inspect regularly for littering and illegal dumping under the Litter Act 1979. If waste is found, investigations take place and can sometimes be traced back to offenders. 

The community is encouraged to assist in cracking down on littering. Please report any known littering to Ranger Services on 9771 7777. You can also use the Snap Send Solve app on your smart phone. Or you can become a registered litter reporter with Keep Australia Beautiful.

Litter pollutes our environment and presents a danger to our wildlife for longer than you might think. Check out just how long, via Keep Australia Beautiful's fact sheet.

Page reviewed: 26 Oct 2015 12:40pm