Stray livestock

If you come across stray livestock on the road, please contact your local police station as soon as possible to report the details. Please tell them which road the livestock are on, the type of animal, how many and which direction they are going. The police will contact Ranger Services but you may choose to report it to us as well on 9771 7777.

If your neighbour's livestock are wandering on to your property, in the first instance you should talk to your neighbour if you feel it is safe to do so. If the problem is not resolved or you do not wish to approach your neighbour, please contact Ranger Services on 9771 7777 to report the problem.

Confining livestock, including horses, to your property is important for the safety of the community. Wandering livestock can create a serious public safety risk, particularly when they are on roads. You should check and maintain your fences and gates regularly to ensure your livestock cannot escape.

Penalties may apply to owners of wandering livestock.

Page reviewed: 19 Dec 2018 3:31pm