Objection to valuation

Your rates are calculated by multiplying the UV or GRV rate in the dollar by your property's Unimproved Valuation (UV) or Gross Rental Valuation (GRV). Generally, the valuation on your property will be based on its use; UV for rural use and GRV for non-rural use. This valuation is provided by the Valuer-General, via Landgate.

The Valuer-General revalues UVs every year and GRVs every four years. If you believe the UV or GRV on your property is too high, you may submit an objection to valuation form​. You must submit your objection within 60 days of the issue of the rate notice.​

​Follow the links below to gain an unders​tanding of GRV and UV.

Landgate Property Valuations

Landgate GRV an UV Videos

Landgate Objections​

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