Your payment options

We understand that managing household expenses can sometimes be difficult. The Shire offers three alternative payment options. It is important that if you are experiencing hardship and can't make either the payment in full or by the instalment option by the due dates, that you contact the Shire of Manjimup Rates Officer on 9771 7777.

The options available are;

  1. Payment in Full

    No interest or fees are charged for this option.

  2. Payment by Instalments

    Payment by instalments allows ratepayers to make four (4) equal payments, on predetermined dates spread over the financial year, with the final payment in late March/ early April. Interest for this option is calculated at 4.5% with a minor instalment fee required. With this option you will receive instalment reminder notices when the payment is due.

  3. Payment by Special Arrangement

    If you are unable to pay by instalments, you can elect to take up a Special Arrangement option, commonly called a Payment Plan. You can pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly but the main requirement for this option is your rates debt be cleared by the end of the financial year. Interest on this option is set at 9% with a Payment Plan Fee as per the Shire Fees and Charges. You will not receive reminder notices for this option.

Late payment penalty of 9% per annum

This will accrue daily for unpaid amounts as below:

  • No instalment option taken – interest shall begin to accrue on rates and/or service charges that remain unpaid after the due date on the notice and continue to accrue until the balance is paid. Eligible pensioners are exempt.
  • Instalment option taken – interest shall begin to accrue daily on any instalment payment that remains unpaid after the due date and continue to accrue until paid. Eligible pensioners are exempt.

Recovery of overdue rates and charges

Where no election has been made to pay by instalments, or alternative arrangements made, a Final Notice is issued for overdue rate notices. If the rates and service charges still remain unpaid with no special payment arrangement in place, legal action may be started for their recovery, without further notice. Costs associated with legal action are recoverable from the ratepayer and will be added to the account.

Page reviewed: 14 Aug 2017 10:08am