Kerbside collection

​The domestic collection is the weekly kerbside collection of domestic rubbish using 240L or 140L mobile garbage bins (MGB’s).

Find out your collection day here and the recycling days here.​​

Compulsory services

The Shire of Manjimup has prescribed areas in the Health Local Laws 1998, namely the town sites of Manjimup, Pemberton, Northcliffe and Walpole and the hamlets of Deanmill, Quinninup, Palgarup and the subdivisions of Woodgate Retreat, Parkview and Browns Road. Some subdivisions are currently being processed to be included in the prescribed areas.

Residential properties with approved habitable dwellings within the prescribed area are to be provided with a compulsory waste collection service consisting of either a single 240L or 140L waste MGB and an accompanying single 240L or 360L recycling MGB.

Council may extend the declared waste collection areas, if deemed viable and/or necessary. Any extension must include the entire road; where the road is in excess of one kilometre in length, a clearly defined section of the road is to be identified.

Optional services

Some areas that are not in designated collection areas can be provided with an optional collection service, if the majority of residents agree to the service, there are sufficient numbers to warrant a service and if the contractor is willing to provide that service. Council and or its service providers reserve the right to refuse an optional service to any property not within the prescribed areas or on route to those areas.

Rural properties and some smallholdings that are not included in the prescribed area or within the waste collection service (optional) areas are not charged a rubbish collection or management fee.

Additional bin service and change to bin size

Additional MGB’s are available to properties within the collection area on request.  Additional services will be charged at the same rate as the existing bin service.

Residents can only change their bin size and relevant charge at the end of each financial year, unless there are mitigating circumstances, such as an increase or decrease of family numbers.

Bin collection criteria

The collection service will only collect the contents of the supplied bin.  The maximum weight of the bin placed out for collection must not be more than 70kg. The service will not collect any rubbish placed around or on top of the bins.  Bins that are too heavy, have protruding waste or are over compacted will not be collected until the bin is compliant. An explanation notice will be attached to bins that are not collected.

  • Bins are to be placed on the verge no more than 1.5 metres from the kerb with the lid opening to the road and the wheels facing the residence by 6.00am of the morning of collection. On the day that both recycling and domestic waste bins are placed out; the bins should be 50cm apart.
  • Bins should be placed this way to ensure that the automatic arm on the collection vehicle is able to reach, lift and empty bins and to keep footpaths clear.
  • Bins are not to be placed under a tree canopy or behind parked cars.
  • Bins are to be stored in a secure, preferably shaded area behind the street alignment and not visible to the road. In commercial areas bins are to be stored in a dedicated enclosure.
  • Bins are to be cleaned regularly.
  • Moist and perishable foods should be wrapped in newspaper before placing in domestic green bins. Bin lids are to be closed between deposit times to deter flies and vermin.
  • Bins are not to weigh more than 70kgs (at time of collection).
  • No waste is to protrude from the bin or be placed on top or near the bin.
  • Lawn clippings and small pruning’s are to be placed on top of the material in the domestic green bin to prevent jamming.
  • Bins are to be returned to the residence after being emptied on the day of collection.
  • Vacating residents are to leave the bin at the original premise for the new occupier.
  • Any domestic bin damage or theft is to be reported to Cleanaway on 97771025 and recycling bin damage or theft to the Waste Management Officer on 97717743.

Damaged or stolen bins 

Recycling bins are the property of the Shire and rubbish bins are the property of the contractor.  Bins are provided to the property and are not to be removed when the property is vacated or sold. Bins will be replaced at no cost to the customer if no longer useable due to normal wear and tear. If a bin is stolen or damaged, please notify the Shire of Manjimup within seven days; the home owner/occupant will not be liable for replacement of the bin/s, in accordance with the Shire of Manjimup Waste Collection Policy

Collection times

All services to any individual property will generally be provided on the same day of the week between the hours of 7.00am and 5.00pm, except where varied by Council in exceptional circumstances. Recycling bins will be emptied once a fortnight on the same day of the week as the weekly domestic waste collection. Where a regular collection day falls on a public holiday, all services will continue on the same day as normal unless otherwise advised. It is the occupier’s responsibility to remove bins from the kerbside within 12 hours of being emptied.

Prohibited waste

The following substances are prohibited from collection from the general rubbish bins:

​hot ashes​dust and fine loose material (unless securely wrapped)​pool chemicals
​liquids​​medical or veterinary waste that requires incineration​paints, varnishes & solvents
​car batteries​explosives and ammunition​acids and alkalis
​asbestos​soil, sand, gravel or rocks​vehicle engines, parts or tyres
​bitumen​building materials (concrete, bricks, masonry & tiles)​large amounts of green waste
​tyres​medical or veterinary research waste​garden or farm chemicals

The following substances are prohibited from collection from the general rubbish bins; all of the above, plus plastic bags containing recyclables, polystyrene, food waste, green waste and clothing.

In addition, prohibited waste includes any other item or substance that may constitute a hazard to the waste collectors, to the mechanism of the collection vehicle and/or to the environment at large.

Bins that are not collected by the contractor, because of breaches of conditions of this policy, will be identified by an information sticker attached by the contractor explaining the reason for non-collection. When the bin is compliant it will be collected on the next collection day.

Refusal of service

In the event of a service being refused the contractor will affix an information notice on the bin stating the reason for non-collection. Service may be refused in circumstances where:

  • The approved waste collection container is not used; 
  • The bin contains prohibited waste as detailed above;
  • A bin and its contents weigh more than 70kg;
  • A bin is placed in a location that cannot be easily accessed by the collection vehicle;
  • The bin contents are protruding and may interfere with the lifting mechanism;
  • Recyclables are repeatedly contaminated with other materials;
  • There is repeated and recorded misuse of the bin; and
  • Inappropriate items are placed out for the hard waste collection.

The Shire of Manjimup reserves the right to refuse service where it is impractical to collect, store or present bins or where as part of planning approval conditions, responsibility for waste management is passed to the owner/occupier.

Bins will not be collected from other than a kerbside location unless prior arrangements are in place, including a signed agreement, indemnifying the Shire and the contractor against any claims for damages from the property owner or occupier.

Excess waste disposal options

Any excess or additional waste can be taken to the waste disposal site at Manjimup or the waste transfer stations at Pemberton, Northcliffe, and Walpole. Fees and conditions apply. Please do not compact the rubbish in your bin, as this may result in refusal of service.

Windy Harbour

Lessees at Windy Harbour are to place bagged domestic waste in the tipping trailer situated near the caretaker’s residence and green waste is to be deposited at the dedicated green waste site.  Windy Harbour also has an annual hard waste collection.

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