Waste Management

​COVID-19 Update on Waste Services​​

At present the waste facilities are operating as normal however the following measures are in place.

Waste Facility Protocols

The operation of our waste facilities (Manjimup Recycling & Refuse Centre and the transfer stations at Northcliffe, Pemberton & Walpole) is essential to the public health of all people in the Shire of Manjimup.

As the COVID-19 situation develops it may be necessary to temporarily reduce some of the services each facility usually provides, in order to protect and maintain the highest priority functions of each site. Such measures will be unavoidable, but will be implemented in stages and according to contingency plans. You can assist in the ongoing protection of our waste facility services.

If you visit a waste facility you are required to:

    • First question yourself honestly as to whether or not your visit is essential - if it is not, then do not go;
    • Prepare your waste so that it can be disposed quickly and efficiently;
    • Present the correct money if paying by cash; and
    • Follow all instruction regarding separation distances, careful coughing and hand hygiene.

If you have any concerns regarding our waste facilities, telephone the Shire of Manjimup (08) 9771 7777 and ask to speak with the Waste Management Officer.

This notice remains in effect until the end of the COVID-19 pandemic or until subsequent notices instruct otherwise, whichever occurs first.​

Kerbside Bin Collection Services​

The Shire of Manjimup and our collection contractor Cleanaway continue to work closely together to ensure provision of regular kerbside bin collection services to domestic properties in town sites and to some other designated rural subdivisions. 

However. as the COVID-19 situation develops it may become necessary, on occasion, to vary the time or even the day of  collection. Collection may occur much earlier in the morning, much later in the day, or on the next day. Such variations will be unavoidable, but you can assist in the maintenance of this service. 

If you have a kerbside bin you are required to:

    • Ensure your bin lid is completely closed (do not overfill your bin);
    • Put your bin out on the kerb the night before (early in the morning maybe too late);
    • Leave the bin at the kerb until it is emptied;  and
    • ​​​Return your bin to a secure place when it has been emptied (this may take more than 24 hours).

If you have any concerns regarding kerbside bin collection, telephone the Shire of Manjimup (9771 7777) and ask to speak with the Waste Management Officer.

This notice remains in effect until the end of the COVID-19 pandemic or unlil subsequent notices instruct otherwise, whichever occurs first.​

Tip Shops to Re-open

In accordance with current WA Government COVID-19 restrictions and Shire of Manjimup protocols for public facilities, tip shops at the Shire's four waste sites will soon re-open but operate under strict conditions.

Opening dates may vary between sites depending on readiness, but all tip shops will be open from 1 July 2020.

The priority for each waste facility is for the continuing provision of core waste and recycling services. The Shire will liaise closely with operators and if tip shop operation results in an increased risk to core services they will be closed again until the risk can be effectively mitigated.

You can assist by complying with this notice and with the Shire of Manjimup COVID-19 signs at each tip shop.


· tip shops will again be available during each site's opening hours for browsing or for purchases; but

· the public must comply fully with signage at the Tip Shop and with all site personnel instruction.

If you have any concerns regarding tip shop operations, telephone the Shire of Manjimup (9771 7777) and ask to speak with the Waste Management Officer.

​​​Eftpos available at the Manjimup Recycling and Refuse Centre

In accordance with our COVID-19 business continuity planning for the Manjimup Recycling & Refuse Centre, Scotties Excavations (the contractors operating the MRRC) have completed installation of an EFTPOS system for electronic payment of tipping fees by card at our main waste facility.

The EFTPOS system is now in operation and includes a 'tap & go' option.

Reducing hand-to-hand cash transactions may limit opportunity for community transmission of the COVID-19 virus and therefore contribute to maintaining safety at this essential service facility during the pandemic. However, cash payment of tipping fees will continue to be accepted for a yet-to-be determined period.

You can assist us significantly in maintaining a simple but effective barrier to hand-transmission of virus by:

  • Arriving at the site with clean hands; and
  • Paying tipping fees by EFTPOS when possible; or
  • Paying the correct cash amount if you are able.

If you have any concerns regarding payment of tipping fees, telephone the Shire of Manjimup (9771 7777) and ask to speak with the Waste Management Officer.


Waste Management Services is part of Technical Services and manages waste collection (including domestic and recycling), waste disposal sites (compliance and regulations) and out of town street and ablution facilities cleaning contracts.

The Waste Management Officer supervises collection and waste disposal site contracts and staff, provides information on waste diversion and recycling (including worm farms and composting).

For enquires about waste collection and disposal, recycling, waste diversion, worm farms, general bin collection, out of town ablution facilities and waste disposal sites check out the links below or contact the Waste Management Officer on 9771 7777.

Find out your collection day here and check the recycling calendar here​.​​​ 


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