Accessible Facilities

​​​​​​​There are accessible public toilets in each of the Shire’s four towns. Please refer to the map at your right for location details and opening hours.


Coronation Park in the Centre of the CBD (open all hours and includes baby and adult change tables)
Brockman Street behind the Shire Administration building
Manjin Park
History House in the Manjimup Heritage Park
Roundhouse car park at the Manjimup Heritage Park
Giblett Street


Corner of Wheatley Coast Road and Zamia Street (open all hours)
Visitor Centre


Anzac Park adjacent to Brockman Street (open all hours)


Pioneer Park South Coast Highway (open all hours)

ACROD parking 

There are designated ACROD parking bays across the Shire of Manjimup. Many of these are in car parks or along streets managed by the Shire, but there are others in several larger private car parks (for example, those attached to shopping centres and hospitals).

Each year, subject to available resources, the Shire reassesses some ACROD parking bays. This may result in changing the layout of some ACROD parking bays in order to improve accessibility or simply in re-marking. The Shire also considers increases in ACROD parking bay numbers from time to time.

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