Southern Forests SEED Program


The Southern Forests SEED Program aims to foster relationships between students, education providers and the agriculture industry in order to highlight career opportunities that exist within the industry, particularly in the Southern Forests Region. 

Several initiatives have been rolled out over the last three years, targeting education professionals, agriculture industry professionals and students ranging from primary school age right through until school leaver age.

Final Report​

​The Shire of Manjimup’s Southern Forests SEED program final report by Youth Insight, explores secondary student perceptions on agricultural careers and provides valuable insight into how the agricultural industry can re-position itself to attract new entrants.​ View the final report here​.


​Some of the SEED Program's initiatives include:

  • Professional development for local teachers - taking teachers out to meet local agriculture professionals, to learn the ins and outs of what they do every day, in order to bring practical examples into the classroom.  
  • Ag Inspirations - taking year nine students on a four day journey into the lives of different fields of agriculture in the region such as horticulture, viticulture, silviculture, food production, animal husbandry, processing, value adding, financial management, marketing and tourism.
  • Uni student visits - showcasing the Southern Forests region to the ag specialists of tomorrow.
  • Growing Science Forum - bringing science superstars to Manjimup to demonstrate the link between science and careers in agriculture, inspiring students to learn and discover more in the world of science and agriculture.  
  • Primary school program - introducing students to agriculture from a young age in order to change their perception of agriculture and open their eyes to the possibilities that are out there for them.
  • Participation in local events such as the Truffle Kerfuffle - creating opportunities for students to see that these days, agriculture means so much more than the stereotype that is often portrayed.
  • Workshops for young farmers - assisting these professionals to excel in areas they may not have had confidence in such as marketing, financial management and record keeping.
  • Traineeships and school leaver employment programs - giving students the opportunity to experience something different, gain a qualification and potentially discover a career path they can stick to and enjoy.
  • Naming Professor Lyn Beazley AO FTSE, Former Chief Science of WA, as the patron of the SEED Program. Professor Beazley plays an active role in the establishment of networks and spends time in the region, both with students and with community members, promoting the program and careers in agriculture.  ​ 

Pictured above L-R: Kim Antonio - (then) Project Manager, Professor Lyn Beazley AO FTSE - Patron of the SEED Program and Stephanie Carstairs - Education Development Coordinator with the Shire of Manjimup.  


​For further information on the Southern Forests SEED Program, please contact Stephanie Carstairs, Education Development Officer for the Shire of Manjimup.

Phone 0417 881 665, email

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