Manjimup Town Centre Revitalisation


The Manjimup Town Centre Revitalisation project is working towards developing Manjimup into a vibrant and thriving 'Regional Growth Centre'.  The project is aimed at delivering a more liveable town, creating a more desirable place for families to grow and a region that people will visit time and time again.  It is anticipated that the project will lead to economic growth in the region through increased investment and additional employment opportunities. 
The rationale behind the provision of funding to create more vibrant and liveable rural locations, is to provide more attractive alternatives for people wishing to live outside of the metropolitan area, which in turn will help absorb and support the anticipated growth in population in Western Australia over the next 30 years.  ​
The Manjimup Town Centre Revitalisation project is based on the Manjimup Townsite Growth Plan, which was originally developed to conceptually direct transformational and sustainable economic outcomes in Manjimup and the greater region.  There are eight different components to the project, which have each been divided into two stages. 


Stage one of the Manjimup Town Centre Revitalisation Project received funding of $5.7 million through the Royalties for Regions 'SuperTowns' initative. 
As announced on 12 May 2016, the Shire of Manjimup has obtained funding through the Royalties for Regions 'Growing our South' program in the 2016/2017 State Budget for stage two.
The Royalties for Regions SuperTowns initiative has also funded the Agricultural Expansion Project, which consists of the Southern Forests Food Council, the Southern Forests SEED Program and the Agriculture Strategy.

The Royalties for Regions initiative, and associated programs, is administered by the State Government's Department of Regional Development, in conjunction with the South West Development Commission​.  

Economic Impact

In 2017 Lucid Economics was engaged by the Shire of Manjimup to identify the economic impact of the SuperTown initiative and the Manjimup Town Centre Revitalisation.

Economic Impact of Revitalisation Final Report.pdf



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