Additional access points to town centre


​​​​​​Component summary

This part of the project aims to provide additional pedestrian linkages and car parking between Mottram Street and the town centre in accordance with the Town Centre Principles Plan, detailed in part 6 of the Growth Plan. 


Allambie Park redevelopment Landscape Architect consultant appointed and feature survey complete. Design contract awarded.
Additional linkage path networks and car park components completed.

​Stage one

Ipsen Street from Mottram Street to Giblett Street was reopened, after nearly 40 years, in June 2015.  Traffic counts conducted in the months that followed its reopening indicated that an average of 1700 vehicles per day are utilising the Ipsen Street connection, enabling much improved functionality for the central business district.

Stage two

This component, is complete and has seen additional pedestrian access points from Mottram Street to the Central Business District of Manjimup.  There will also be additional car parking bays made available to facilitate further linkages. 

Pictured above: A section of new pavement along Mottram Street.

Pictured above: Allambie Park concept design.

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