Linear Recreation Park


​​​​​Com​ponent summary

The aim of this component is to remove the unused rail corridor infrastructure in the town centre to create a town site wide, linear recreation park. 

In order for this to happen,  the Shire of Manjimup has negotiated with the Public Transport Authority WA and Arc Infrastructure (formerly Brookfield Rail), for the removal of the remaining town site rail corridor infrastructure and to lease the rail corridor to the Shire for linear recreation park purposes.  

A Linear Park Masterplan and design study exercise has been undertaken and implemented to capture recreational uses, pedestrian linkages and vehicle parking.  This will be guided by the Town Centre Principles Plan to maximise the outcomes of the project.


Rail corridor works
A tripartite agreement between the Shire, the Public Transport Authority and Arc Infrastructure has been executed. The feature survey awarded and condition survey complete. The tripartite agreement conditions have been finalised. 

Arc Infrastructure removed rail between Ralston Street and Ipsen Street in December 2017 and the railway reserve fencing has been removed. 

Rail between Ralston Street and Ipsen Street has been removed and replaced with an asphalt path, an asphalt seal has been placed over the rail from Ipsen Street to Seven Day Road creating a continuing path from Blechynden Street through to Seven Day Road. 

Lighting, seating and landscaping along the path has taken place and the path is being well used.

Manjin Recreation Plaza
Construction of the rec plaza was completed in February 2018. 

Click here to view the concept design which was endorsed by Council in 2016.

Grass and picnic tables have been installed adjacent to the plaza as well as skateable seating.

Construction of a new 3 on 3 basketball court adjacent to the rec plaza is complete. 

Removal and relocation of 'train park'
Complete, the area also houses a barbeque area and gazebo.

Real Spaces outdoor gym
An outdoor gym, funded by Real Insurance has been installed, soft fall and shade sails have been installed surrounding the gym. The gym was opened in January 2018. 

​​​Stage one

​Progress thus far has been as follows:

  • Tripartite agreement reached with Public Transport Authority WA, Brookfield Rail and the Shire of Manjimup to enable the re-opening of Ipsen Street rail crossing point.
  • Tripartite agreement with the above parties finalised for the entire corridor specified in the Manjimup Townsite Growth Plan; and
  • Heritage Council approval for removal of rail infrastructure obtained.​

 Stage two

The works in Manjin Park continue, rec plaza, outdoor gym, basketball court, barbeque area and gazebo are complete. further landscaping, and path networks will continue to be established.


Pictured above: The Manjin Recreation P​laza, Shire President Paul Omodei cutting the ribbon at the realSpaces outdoor gym and several sections of Linear Path.

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