Mottram Street / South Western Highway Enhancements


​​​​​Component summary

The goal of this component is to undertake an array of upgrades on Mottram Street / South Western Highway to improve vehicle accessibility and safety, as well as a number of improvements and streetscape works to capitalise on the recent undergrounding of power infrastructure along this major transport route.  The intent is to encourage additional town centre visitation through improvements to vehicular and pedestrian access. 


Construction is complete to widen the south bound lane of Mottram Street, near Ipsen Street, to give traffic enough room to continue past car/s that are waiting to turn right into Ipsen Street.  In addition, a slip lane from Mottram Street into Ipsen Street has been constructed in the north bound lane.  

The upgrade of the footpath along Mottram Street, between Brain Street and Young Street, has been finalised.

Work is complete on the​ pedestrian link from Ipsen Street along Mottram Street to Manjin Park. 

Stage one

Works completed throughout stage one include:

  • The works to underground power along Mottram Street / South Western​ Highway, between the northern archway and the roundabout to the south are complete;
  • New street lighting and underground power property connections;
  • Tailored light poles designed and installed along Mottram Street; and
  • Removal of overhead electricity infrastructure.


Stage two

Construction is complete for accessibility and safety improvements along this main road, which includes sliplanes at Ipsen Street.  In addition, there will be landscaping and visual streetscape enhancements throughout the corridor. 




Pictured above: Ipsen Street slip lanes, s​outhern arch tribute design and Ralston Street carpark.

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