Northern Town Site Access


​​​Component summary 

This component entails initiating a road closure on the northern end of Giblett Street to block off what is essentially the northern entry into the town centre.  A new northern entry point has been created off South Western Highway, at Blechynden Street, using a roundabout and appropriate signage to direct traffic into Giblett Street.  Graphite and Ralston Street intersections have been rationalised to improve road safety and the redeveloped Manjimup Timber and Heritage Park will effectively become​ the new northern entry statement to the town centre.  

View the Manjimup Timber and Heritage Park design concept for further information.


New town site entry roundabout
The new northern roundabout was fully opened on Monday 20 August 2018. Some minor clean up work and future landscaping is still to be completed.

Re-alignment of Graphite Road/Perup Road Intersection
TRACC Civil have been awarded the tender for construction. 

Asphalt sealing and kerbing is almost complete, line marking and directional signage are expected to be completed soon.
Most of the street lights are now operational.
Final clean up and landscaping is expected to be carried out until 30 June, finalising the project.

Stage one

Acquisition of a commercial property abutting the Manjimup Timber and Heritage Park was completed in late 2013 and all buildings were subsequently removed. This area will be integrated into the Manjimup Timber and Heritage Park as part of the linkage to South Western Highway (see component two).​

Stage two

Work has commenced to have this component completed by May 2019.  As well as the realignment of the Graphite Road/Ralston Street entry point, these elements are currently being planned for in conjunction with the relevant State Government agencies, such as Main Roads. 

​Realignment of Graphite Road/Perup Road intersection at South Western Highway (Mottram Street). 

Pictured left: Looking north at the abovementioned intersection.

​Portion of Giblett Street that has been closed as a thoroughfare.

Pictured left: Looking south from Graphite Road.

​Portion of Giblett Street that has been closed as a thoroughfare.

Pictured left: Looking north from (approximately)
in-line Blechynden Street.

​Construction of a new roundabout on South Western Highway at Blechynden Street, has become the new northern entry point to the town centre. 

Pictured left: New northern roundabout.

​​​​Re-alignment of the Perup and Graphite Road intersection with South Western Highway is being undertaken to improve safety.

Pictured left: Graphite/Perup Road, South Western works in progress.

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