Brockman Street Revitalisation and Creation of a Town Square


​​​​​​​​​​​Component summary ​

​As well as the revitalisation of Brockman Street, this component encompasses the transformation of Rose and Giblett Streets in the town centre, into a town square.  This will be done via a number of streetscape enhancements and beautification such as road infrastructure and drainage, landscaping, street furniture and integration into the Manjin Park Precinct.  The concept aims to attract a range of retail operators, in particular, those who have the potential to capitalise on the increased investment in agriculture and food tourism potential in the region.    

See the Brockman Street concept designs. 


Extensive work has already been undertaken as a part of this component.  The first sub-project was the  demolition of the ablution block in Coronation Park.  A new, modern facility incorporating disabled toilets and parenting rooms has now been constructed on that site.  Feedback from the community and visitors has been incredibly positive. 

Construction is complete on two additional toilet blocks located on Brockman Street at the rear of the Shire of Manjimup Administration building, adjacent to the Manjimup Repertory Club and another adjacent to the Lions Gazebo opposite Mitre 10 Garden Centre.

In addition, extensive kerbing, paving, asphalting and line marking work has occurred throughout the CBD in Manjimup.  

A new car park has been constructed on Rose Street (adjacent to the Reject Shop) and the car park that currently services Chicken Treat will soon be undergoing a makeover to improve the layout and make the car park exit safer. The Shire has to purchased land behind the Community Information Office in Brockman Street and an additional car park will be constructed here soon.

The contract for the construction of roof structure over Brockman Street (from Giblett Street to Rose Street) has been awarded to Karamfiles​​ Builders. Work on the footing commenced in February 2019. Drainage works are likely to be undertaken after completion of the footings.  The expected completion date for the project is May 2019.

All works are completed in the northern section of Coronation Park, the park levels have been significantly adjusted with new reticulation, grass and park furniture installed.  The Poplar trees have been removed from the southern section of the park and landscaping will commence when the drainage from the Brockman Street works are complete.

New general waste and recycling bins have been designed in conjunction with the Manjimup Town Centre Revitalisation Committee and have replaced the old bins that were located around the CBD.  Installation of the bins by the Shire of Manjimup Property Care Team is complete other than in Brockman Street.   

Stage one

In 2013, public comment was sought on the redevelopment concept for Brockman Street.  Utilising the feedback that was received, concept drawings for the entire project were drawn up. 

In 2015, the painting of the buildings in 'Art Deco' style was finished.  In addition, a streamlined signage style and building facade was designed, constructed and installed. 

Stage two  

Elements include the upgrade of Brockman Street, based on the aforementioned concept that was developed in 2013, which includes the upgrade of services, road works, landscaping and street furniture.  The Manjin Park Precinct will also be upgraded to enable integration of this area into Coronation Park and the town centre.


​​​Works have commenced on the roofing structure to cover Brockman Street from Giblett Street through to Rose Street. The roof framing has been erected following some delays with the footings, due to the need to relocate Water Corporation infrastructure that was not located as marked on the plans. 

At the Council meeting on 2 May 2019, Council awarded the tender for the supply of clear polycarbonate sheeting for the three roof structures. Shire Officers will now liaise with the supplier over the delivery timeframe. Information regarding the product can be found here​​.

A request for quote to install the roofing material has been completed, with several submissions received. Karamfiles Builders has been awarded the contract, representing best value for money for the Shire. Installation will take approximately 15 days of favourable weather to complete. Further information regarding the installation and any impact on the local road network or footpaths will be provided in due course.

TRACC Civil  recently completed the civil works including, but not limited to, the installation of new drainage infrastructure, kerbing, road surface and exposed aggregate footpaths.

​Landscaping works including trees, garden beds and furniture installation is now taking place.​​​​


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