Are you aware of Parking Local Laws?


​The Shire of Manjimup has revised Parking Local Law 2018 with regard to the parking of vehicles within the district. The purpose is to provide for the management of operation of parking throughout the Shire.

The Parking Local Laws 2018 are designed to maximise the use of available space and provide access to parking for all motorists, with regard to the requirements of businesses, disabled motorists, visitors, residents and traffic management.

To avoid possibilities of a parking infringement, please take note of the following: 

​Illegal parking can be dangerous to pedestrians, cyclists and other road users and causes frustration, inconvenience and irritation.

A copy of the local law may be obtained from the Shire's Administration Office at Corner Rose and Brockman Streets, Manjimup, between 8.15am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday , on our website or at an public library within the Shire of Manjimup during normal opening hours,


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