Bushfire season is upon us - are you ready?

10/10/2018 12:00 AM

Summer is just around the corner and now is the ideal time to begin preparations for the bushfire season, including having a five minute FIRE CHAT with your family. 

Completing a Bushfire Preparation Toolkit and undertaking the necessary actions around your home will give you and your property the best chance of surviving the bushfire season.

​​Be informed:Know the bushfire warning system, including the fire danger ratings and where to find information.
Choosing your bushfire plan: Complete the decision making plan which includes six questions to assist you in making a decision to be safe and leave early or to be prepared to stay and defend.
Be ​safe and leave early:The radiant heat from a fire can kill from two football fields away. Plan to be safe and leave early!

If you decide that your plan is to be safe and leave early, use the items in the folder to complete your action plan, prepare your property and emergency kit, including protective clothing.​

Be prepared to stay and defend:​Fire is frightening, it roars as loud as a jet engine and the smoke plunges day into night!

If you decide that your plan is to stay and defend your property, it's important to undertake additional preparedness measures, including understanding what to expect and what actions are recommended before the fire front arrives, as the fire front approaches, during the fire and after the fire front has passed. 

Acquire and test all items on the Firefighting Equipment Checklist.

It's vital that you prepare your property and emergency kit, including protective clothing.

There is a very good chance you will be on your own as firefighters may be too busy fighting the fire to help defend your property.​


Visit the Fire Chat website now! ​ 

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