CEO clocks up 25

10/01/2019 12:00 AM

Shire of Manjimup Chief Executive Officer Andrew Campbell has reached a milestone 25 years of service to the Shire of Manjimup.

Andrew commenced with the Shire on 5 January 1993 as an Environmental Health Officer and has worked his way through several roles on his quest for the top job. He was promoted to Principal Environmental Health Officer in 1994 and then Manager of Environmental Services in 1999. In 2007 he was made Director of Statutory Services, before becoming CEO in June 2014.

As CEO, Andrew has seen some major projects through and was one of the major initiators in gaining the royalties for regions funding for the $12m Manjimup Supertown project for which we received a national economic development award at the Economic Development Australia Awards in 2017. The success of the supertown project and the consequent business case then saw us receive additional Regional Growth Centre funding of $23m for the Manjimup Town Centre Revitalisation Project.

"Andrew has developed a professional senior management team which provides for the good governance of the Shire. He has met the challenges of a Shire with four major towns and seven settlements and is recognised by his peers in the Local Government Managers Association as a professional local government leader" said Shire President Omodei.

"It was a pleasure to present Andrew with a gold watch and certificate of service at the Shire's all of staff meeting on Friday 21 December 2018" added Cr Omodei.

Andrews's management style is consistent and straight forward. He constantly strives to facilitate the best in everything and everyone around him, for and on behalf the Shire and its communities.


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