More Relief for Ratepayers


14 April 2020

The Shire of Manjimup proposes to freeze penalty interest on rates until the 30 June 2020 on rate accounts that are on instalment plans but unable to make the final instalment or on a current payment plan and unable to continue making payments.

Shire President Paul Omodei stated "the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic is hitting our communities now, with businesses shutting their doors and job losses already apparent. The proposed freeze on penalty interest rates will freeze the ratepayers account now so they won't have an accumulated burden to deal with when the economy picks up again, this does not mean rates are not payable, it means penalty interest will cease to accrue on those accounts".

The intent of the freeze is to support those rate payers that would have ordinarily paid their rates had the COVID-19 pandemic not occurred, as such this only applies to the following ratepayers:

    • on instalment plan but unable to make final instalment;
    • on a current payment plan, unable to continue making payments.

"Following the announcement last week of a zero percent rate raise and no increases to the fees and charges for the 2020/21 financial year, Council is considering methods to ease the burden on our residents and this waiver will support genuine ratepayers affected by the economic impact of COVID-19 by reducing the accumulation of penalty interest, improving their financial wellbeing and ability to recover post pandemic" he explained.


​Authorised by Andrew Campbell, Chief Executive Officer
Contact Sheri Laba, Public Relations Officer

​Contact for comment: Paul Omodei, Shire President
Contact: 0448 810 773

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