Get Active this August in Your Community!

24/07/2019 12:00 AM

Did you know that people with higher levels of activity have a greater sense of wellbeing and mental health?

Throughout the month of August, the Shire of Manjimup will be 'actively' involved in 'Active August'; a new state-wide campaign promoting ways people and communities can get active for their mental health and wellbeing.

Coordinated by the Mentally Healthy WA and the Act-Belong-Commit mental health promotion campaign, Active August is dedicated to inspiring and motivating people to keep active for their mental health and wellbeing in as many ways as they can, be it physically, socially, mentally, culturally or spiritually.

Act-Belong-Commit Campaign Manager, Maria Szybiak, said; "It's estimated that the annual cost of mental illness in Australia is approximately $70 billion, which includes the costs from loss of productivity and participation in the workforce (National Mental Health Commission, 2017). Prevention and early intervention are the most effective way to improve our community health." Ms Szybiak also states; "Being active - physically, socially, mentally, culturally and spiritually - are the basic building blocks for good mental health. Being active keeps us alert, energetic and in touch with others."

Shire President Paul Omodei said that Active August was about promoting simple yet significant ways people can keep active for their mental health and wellbeing. "You can get active in many ways, and it doesn't have to cost you money. Parking further away, going for a walk with a friend or your pet, trying a new recipe from a different culture, or smiling at a stranger and saying hi are all completely free and are active ways you can improve your mental health – and that of others!"

Walk a bush trail or foreshore, check out the linear path, have a go at the outdoor gym, visit the AquaCentre, join a club or group, partake in some four wheel driving or fishing, visit one of our fantastic parks, or just do something different.

"We're encouraging people to get active both on and offline, by sharing their stories and photos with us via our Facebook page and Instagram account to help spread the mentally healthy message!"

Attach a locally relevant photo of someone being active use the hashtags #actbelongcommit #activeaugust #shireofmanjimup and tag us at @actbelongcommit @shireofmanjimup

View the Act-Belong-Commit Active August Calendar here for daily inspiration, download the weekly planner, or visit our Active August page​ for more details.


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