Nature’s Textures Exhibition


The Manjimup Art Gallery exhibition calendar is opening 2020 with a body of work that celebrates the beauty and fragility of our natural environment. 

Long-time resident of the Southern Forests, artist Debra Bettoni, is surrounded by nature's textures.  Her work is inspired by her environment and the ever-changing palette that the seasons provide.  From small things like the tenuous beauty of a simple leaf to the imposing majesty of ancient, giant trees in the old growth forests that cast their shadows over her home, these local colours and textures define her work.

In Nature's Textures, Debra turns the fallen leaves that we crunch beneath our feet into a spectacular combination of hues that invite us to look more closely at the intricate shape, vein and structure of these resilient sentinels marking the change in seasons.

Although Debra is comfortable with a variety of artistic media, Nature's Textures features large, bright, bold colourful oils and acrylics juxtaposed with simple charcoal and conte sketches and a series works in oil, ash and Marri resin that reflect both the simplicity and complexity of her environment.

'I am delighted that the Gallery is showcasing Debra's work to a wider audience. She is a very talented local artist and the winner of the inaugural Manjimup Cherry Harmony Festival Art Prize', said Shire President, Paul Omodei.

Following the devastation caused by bushfires around the country this summer, Debra's work invites us to take the time to appreciate the beauty of our natural environment and to celebrate its regenerative powers.

​Nature's Textures will be on display at the Manjimup Art Gallery​ (Cnr Rose and Mount Streets) from 7 March to 18 April 2020.



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