Opportunities identified for a trail bike hub in Manjimup


MEDIA RELEASE – Opportunities identified for a trail bike hub

May 2017

The Council of the Shire of Manjimup adopted the Manjimup Trail Bike Trails Hub Feasibility Report and has undertaken to consider setting aside money in the 2017/2018 budget as seed funding for the initial implementation of the Trails Hub project.  

In February 2016, funding for the feasibility study was confirmed from the Department of Sport and Recreation, which complemented funding that had already been allocated by the Shire of Manjimup.  In April 2016, Trail Bike Management Australia (TBMA) were engaged to undertake the feasibility study. 

"Overall the report was very positive," said Shire President Paul Omodei, who explained that the level of community participation in the study indicated that the concept of a trails hub is an exciting prospect.  "Of the 2,272 responses to the two week survey that was conducted in July and August last year, 95% of people said that they would visit Manjimup to ride if the hub concept went ahead," said Cr Omodei.  

The report identifies areas in and around Manjimup where trails and trailheads could be developed, which would include information bays, signage, trail marking, interpretive sites, picnic facilities, toilets and water.   "There is a lot of land surrounding Manjimup that would be appropriate for a trails hub, with the climate, ground surface and vegetation also conducive to providing an enjoyable trail bike experience," said Cr Omodei.  "Not to mention, the trail bike market is expanding and there is a lack of competition in the way of trail hubs." 

To kick-off the project, seed funding of $25,000 is required to establish a sustainable capability to successfully develop, market and manage the trails and infrastructure of the hub.  "Council will consider contributing $10,000 towards this pre-implementation phase during our budget process, but as with all abnormal expenditure, it will need to match-up to our community's priorities. Council's funding won't be confirmed until the budget is adopted in August," said Cr Omodei.  "Even if this pre-implementation phase is funded, there are significant costs and lengthy processes associated with the remaining stages of implementation, as well as ongoing operation and maintenance expenses."

"The study has identified that there are opportunities that exist locally and though trail establishment is not the core business of the Shire, we are supportive of community organisations and local businesses who want to drive the implementation of this project," concluded Cr Omodei. 

Click here to view the Council Report and resolution that appears in the minutes of the Ordinary Council Meeting that was held on 11 May 2017.


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