Outdoor exercise equipment installed in Manjin Park

​Another first for the Shire of Manjimup has seen a 10 station realSpaces Outdoor Gym​ installed in Manjin Park, Manjimup. This has been made possible by Real Insurance​, which has pledged a $1 million funding program to assist Councils with the procurement of outdoor gyms, aimed at helping all Australians improve their health and wellbeing whilst enjoying the benefits of outdoor exercise.

This is the first realSpaces outdoor gym to be installed in WA and has a variety of cardio and strengthening exercise equipment, including a cross trainer, recumbent bike, spin bike, hand bike, lateral pull down, shoulder press, pull up, assisted pull up, leg press and bench. The equipment is located adjacent to the Manjin Rec Plaza, which is currently under construction and is part of the Linear Recreation Park, a component of the Manjimup Town Centre Revitalisation project. 

"Real Insurance have funded 50% of the total cost," explained Shire President Paul Omodei, adding that the Shire's contribution has come from the Royalties for Regions funded Town Centre Revitalisation budget. "The investment that has been made into the Town Centre Revitalisation through Royalties for Regions means that the Shire can utilise that funding as leverage in our application for other funding. This drives economic activity in the region and assists us to provide additional facilities as a part of the overall project, which is all aimed at improving the liveability of Manjimup," said Cr Omodei.

The location for the equipment was selected due to its proximity to Linear Park and the Manjin Rec Plaza. "We want this precinct to be buzzing with activity, and providing a variety of attractions within Manjin Park provides for peoples' different interests and offers a greater scope of activities to take part in when they visit the area," said Cr Omodei.  "Manjin Rec Plaza is designed to be a family area, so when children might be riding their bmx or skateboard, Mum or Dad can occupy themselves on the exercise equipment."

"This outdoor facility offers an alternative for people who prefer to exercise outdoors, who cannot afford a gym membership, are intimidated by a gym environment, might want a stepping stone prior to joining a gym or who are simply looking for something else to complement their current exercise regime," added Cr Omodei. 

"Real Insurance is extremely proud to support the Manjimup Community with a realSpaces gym. It is the first outdoor gym in Western Australia, seventh in total and is part of a nationwide initiative improving the health and wellbeing of Australians" said Real Insurance spokesperson Tatiana Day.

The realSpaces outdoor gym initiative helps to improve the health and wellbeing of Australians with a free and convenient way to stay active, while supporting locals to connect with their communities. If we can make exercise more accessible and affordable for people of all ages and abilities, then we are contributing to the quality of lifes of everyday Australians".   

Pictured: Brian Robinson, Acting CEO, Joan Bowden, Evy Apeldoorn, Manager of Community & Recreation Services, Sherril Chapman and Paul Omodei, Shire President cutting the ribbon at the opening.


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