Rent relief to help business through the COVID-19 downturn


Shire President Paul Omodei is encouraging commercial landlords in the Shire to offer some form of rental relief to their tenants. The Shire is leading the way by applying a full rental waiver to our tenants in 5A/B and 5C Brockman Street.

"Both businesses are being impacted by the restrictions relating to food premises caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and assistance by way of a rent waiver may be the key to the long term viability of businesses. We need our business to survive the economic crisis this pandemic has caused and to be able to bounce back when the crisis is over."

"There is no doubt that COVID-19 will have a huge impact on the economic growth we have seen over the last couple of years due to the town centre revitalisation project, however, saving businesses means, saving jobs and helping the economy to rebuild into the future". If you are a commercial landlord please consider the longer term benefits of reducing or waiving rent in order to maintain your tenancy" he added.

The WA Government recently announced rental payments will be waived for small businesses and not-for-profit groups in Government-owned buildings for six months to help these lease holders respond to the impacts of COVID-19, a moratorium on the termination of leases for non-payment of rent for six months for commercial tenancies suffering financial distress is also to be implemented by State and Territory Governments in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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8 April 2020

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