Results of 2017 Local Government Election

An election was held for the Central, East, West, South and Coastal Wards of​ the Shire of Manjimup today, Saturday 21 October 2017. Following the closure of the polling place, a vote count took place for all votes received today and via postal voting. 

The vote results are as follows: 

​ ​CENTRAL ​WARD ​ ​​​
​Sam Karamfiles​412 votes
​Carla Logan​161  votes
​Mary Nixon​236 votes
​Mark Rawlings182​ votes
​Paul Matenaar226​ votes
​Paul Omodei1047​ votes​elected
​Jayde Salomone​471 votes​elected
EAST WARD​ ​​ ​​ ​​
​Timothy Mearns29​ votes
​Nicholas Hort70​ votes
​Cliff Winfield​​205 votes​elected
​WEST WARD​ ​​ ​​ ​​
​Wade DeCampo​ 139 votes
​Murray Ventris​ 523 votes​elected

Congratulations to Paul Omodei and Jayde Salomone Central Ward,  Cliff Winfield in the East Ward and Murray Ventris in the West Ward, who have been elected as Councillors for four year terms, expiring October 2021.

In addition to the above, David Tapley was elected unopposed to the South Ward and Wendy Eiby elected unopposed to the Coastal Ward.

New Councillors will be sworn in at a ceremony which will take place at the commencement of the Council meeting to be held at 5:30pm on Thursday 26 October 2017. The election of the Shire President and Deputy ​Shire President will then take place.​


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