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The wooden court floor at the Manjimup Indoor Stadium (3 courts) was resurfaced in January 2020. A fresh coat of polyurethane paint was applied to protect the wooden floor and to provide a safe and non-slippery surface for playing sports.

This followed the resurfacing of the court floor of the Pemberton Sports Centre (2 courts) in October 2019.

The Shire maintains a long-term court floor resurfacing schedule and in recent years court floor maintenance has been undertaken at other town recreation centres:

    • The Manjimup Indoor Stadium was fully resurfaced and re-lined in 2016, and resurfaced in January 2020.
    • Pemberton was re-surfaced in 2017 and in October 2019.
    • Northcliffe (one court) was fully resurfaced and re-lined in 2015, and is likely to be due for re-surfacing in 2021/22.

The indoor stadium court floor in the Walpole Recreation Centre (one court) will be re-surfaced in the first quarter of 2020. The wooden court floor and the marking are in good condition, but in highly trafficked areas, the seal has worn off, and in other areas the court is getting slippery.

"We are very lucky in our Shire to have an indoor sporting facility in all four of our major town sites" said Shire President Paul Omodei, "our ongoing maintenance schedule ensures these facilities are being maintained to a service level that meets the community's needs".

Proper maintenance of the court floors in the recreation centres will increase the longevity of the floor coating and reduce organisational risk pertaining to asset management, and provide a safe playing surface.


‚ÄčResurfacing at Manjimup Indoor Stadium


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