Shire of Manjimup continues its firsts with Datascape

14/11/2018 12:00 AM

The Shire of Manjimup is the first adopter of Datascape; brand new local government technology from Datacom.  The first stage of the smart council and community cloud solution "Service Requests", will support the Shire to improve customer service. Subsequent stages include finance and rates, online capabilities such as rates payment, building and planning regulations, licences, permits and animal control.

Shire President Paul Omodei commended the implementation, "Datascape is specific to local government and designed for any size local government. It is cost effective as it is priced per number of rating assessments and allows us to choose what we need to start with and add functionality as we go".

The Shire went live with Service Requests on Monday 5 November. To support the implementation, Datacom successfully migrated data from the Shire's legacy system to Datascape and worked closely with Shire staff to build functionality that would best serve all stakeholders.

"The implementation of additional Datascape functions will continue through 2019, including the linking of the Antenno app reporting function directly through to the service request module" added Cr Omodei.

The Shire has built a meaningful and solid working relationship with Datacom and is proud to be the first user of this 21st century product. Datascape will serve ratepayers, residents and other stakeholders of the Shire by shoring up business processes, improving customer access to information and integrating existing software to provide a seamless experience.

 ​Combined Datacom and Shire of Manjimup team for the Datascape Go Live 


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