Sustainable Strategic Pest Management for the Shire of Manjimup Community


The Shire of Manjimup are partnering with Southern Forests Community Landcare (SFCL) to present a series of events for the "Sustainable Strategic Pest Management for the Shire of Manjimup Community" (Pest Management) project that is partially funded by the Australian Government under the Communities Combating Pests and Weed Impacts During Drought Program.

Farmers and their communities in primary and general agricultural areas who are experiencing impacts by vertebrate pests and weeds due to drought conditions can access support for control of those pests. The project aims to lift capability by providing training and resources such as traps and by engaging pest control contractors if appropriate. Base data then progress data on the problem in local areas will be collected and shared to improve long-term action.

The first information event, planned for Northcliffe Town Hall on 12 February 2020 will target feral pig control. The second event will be held on the 19 February 2020 and will target the full range of pests including: foxes, rabbits, cats, declared weeds, Weeds of National Significance and environmental weeds such as weedy wattles and watsonia.

Pest control training and recent innovations information sessions will be held in February and March starting with Auschem training on 26 and 27 of February 2020.

Shire President Paul Omodei stated "the Shire of Manjimup is increasingly experiencing low rainfall, which causes changes in landscape ecology. For example, feral pigs concentrate in wetter areas and introduced weeds often out-compete native plants in soils disturbed by them. Proactively building agricultural resilience by reducing the impacts of pests and preventing new incursions is one way to protect the region's future".

​If you would like more information on the project or events, contact Ann Bentley, Shire of Manjimup Environmental Sustainability Officer (08 9771 7746) or Josephine Mead, SFCL (08 9771 8180).



​Authorised by Andrew Campbell, Chief Executive Officer
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Contact for comment: Paul Omodei, Shire President
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