Why would you do this? Anger over tree damage

17/12/2018 12:00 AM

Media Release: Why would you do this?  Anger over continued tree damage
December 2018

Shire officers are again on cleanup duty this morning after another spate of tree vandalism over the weekend. About twelve advanced street trees where snapped along O'Connor Street in the early hours of Saturday morning between 12am and 1.30am. The ornamental pears, originally planted in 2016 with many being replaced after vandalism in 2017, were about two metres high and growing well.

"This seems to be becoming a weekly occurrence around the Manjimup townsite, it is extremely frustrating and we have had enough" said Shire President Paul Omodei. "We have been making a conscious effort to beautify the streetscapes in all of our towns and setbacks such as this, not only affect our amenity, but take Shire officers away from their core duties".

"Offenders, when caught, will be dealt with by the full force of the law and we will be pressing charges. The vandalism of public property is not only a criminal act, it is senseless, disrespectful and a waste of ratepayers money. This weekend's damage is estimated to be in the order of $5,000. There was also significant damage to the East Manjimup Primary School and a private dwelling on Hospital Avenue." added Cr Omodei.

Police are calling for anyone who witnessed the vandalism or is aware of who is responsible to contact the Manjimup Police station. 

The public is reminded that the Shire offers a reward of up to $1,000 to any person providing information which leads to the conviction of offenders for any act of vandalism to Shire owned or managed property.











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